Hi. I’m Kristen Althoff, an artist from Chicago with a focus on design, knitting, installation, photography, and community arts. I previously co-owned the now defunct {fill in the blank} Gallery in Chicago. This is a blog of projects and inspirations that make up my crazy life.

Everything that you see on this blog is original content unless otherwise noted. Please share, but link back to me. Thanks!


Smoke through the trees (Taken with Instagram)

Road trip typography (Taken with Instagram at Hampshire Travel Center)

Rose petals

Busy spring already! I keep promising myself that I’m going to sit down and start doing my blog again but I just haven’t had the time. Also, my camera is having some memory card issues that I need to figure out, so lately I’ve had to take all my pictures with my cell phone. Anyway, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve been up to. I plan to post more regularly again soon.

  • Been knitting lots of socks out of this book on my commute to work.
  • Kombucha making. I’m on my second batch already, the first turned out a little too sweet for my taste so this time less sugar and more fermentation.
  • I got a new bike!
  • Participated in Zine Fest a couple weekends ago and had a blast.
  • Starting to work in a nearby community garden once a week in exchange for some of the common produce and a possible future plot. Super excited to get my hands dirty but also have some time for reflection and contemplation in nature.
  • Still working through lots of health issues but staying positive, changing perspectives, finding peace, and pushing through the things that are hard.

What have you been up to so far this spring?

Reel to Reel by Damien Jurado from his new album Maraqopa. I could only find a live recording of this, but it is worth checking out the recorded version! There is a lot going on and I’ve been busy almost every moment. My head is spinning a little, but in a happy and fulfilled way. I hope to post more about what I’ve been up to after next weekend (we’ll be at Chicago Zine Fest on Saturday!!!). Until then, I’m going to keep working, enjoy some music, and steal a few moments to relax and reflect on all the awesome stuff happening around me!

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